Friday, 1 March 2013

Pick Pick Pick

Literally cannot stop eating lately. Don't even know whats wrong with me but I'm just like constantly eating something.

Had such a nightmare the other day, went to a friends house (had already eaten a small tea) and started to get hungry while I was there. Normally at that stage I'd go get some fruit and fat-free greek yoghurt, but because I was out, and at a boys house of all places, the only thing I was offered was takeaway chips. And there were like a billion (okay four [one of whom I've slept with twice recently while horrendously drunk]) boys in the room so I didn't want to start whinging about calorie intake, but then I didn't want a rumble-y tummy either, so I ended up eating them D: very upsetting.

Ahhh grossness. I NEED to get this eating situation under control! But then another friend is coming to stay this weekend so it'll be all treaty fatty foods, like pizza and chocolates. And we're getting a Dominoes before we go out tomorrow. Cos THAT will make me look lovely and slim in the fitted dress I'm wearing. Such a nightmare, but I really can't afford to whine about weight atm, I think my friends are all starting to get arsey with me.

Particularly since after doing that quiz thing the other day everyone knows each others weights now.

And I nearly told one of my housemates she looked fat last while I was angry at her (in my defence she was being a total tool). But she's not really that fat. Like by our standards yes, but the rest of the world wouldn't think so. She's like  a size 10/12. Not that much bigger than me.

And I've not lost in forever. I need need need to get myself back on track.


I've already eaten so much today. 2 eggs, 2 quorn sausages, 2 pieces of seeded bread, handful of caramel nibbles, couple of grapes. Tea will be a stirfry.
So much for my hopes of restricting.

I can already feel it in my bones that this will be the week I go back over 125. But then again, I am due on next week, so maybe its only that. Hopefully it is, and after I'll go back to normal. EEK.

Sorry for rambling, I'll be back Monday.

Love and light thoughts <3

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