Saturday, 16 March 2013

The Problems of Work

So yesterday I was in work for 12 hours. Just wonderful really when I have two essays to write. But the money issue is rather urgent so I couldn't turn it down.

The problem with being at work is that it always screws up my eating, because I just have to eat whatever they give me. I normally try and go to morrisons or something beforehand and pick up some low-cal vegetarian sushi but I didn't have time yesterday, the only things I could find would have been fatty cheese sandwiches. Ugh.

So yeah, it didn't wok out too badly in the end, had a stuffed pepper and some roasted new potatoes. Probably more potatoes than I needed tbh. I had an unfortunate amount of chocolate too, but that was because my energy levels were dipping so badly I thought I was going to drop everything I was holding constantly.

Then when I was on the bar, people kept offering to buy me drinks, so I got pretty hammered while I was working (luckily my boss doesn't mind as long as I can still serve!)

I tried to work out my net calories but it was just impossible. I don't know what the potatoes were cooked in, what type of butter they use, how many calories I burnt. I was on my feet for most of the day, carrying plates and running up and down stairs, so I think I probably came out of it okay, despite the chocolate and stuff.

Then when I got in I was wayyy too tired to eat even though I was hungry so I just went straight to bed.

I am yet to eat today, but I'm not hungry either. I think I might just wait til 5 then have tea as my first meal, and some soup later if I'm hungry.

Anyway, I hope your all okay, sorry I've been so boring lately, but I really need to go start work on this essay, I need to get at least 1,500 words written today and I currently have less than 50. Definitely should not have slept in quite so late!

Love and light thoughts

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