Thursday, 14 March 2013

Good Days

So there are good days and bad days for everyone I guess.

Today has most definitely been a 'good day'.

I managed to wear the size 6 dress all day without discomfort

My calorie intake has been minimal. Less than 500 according to my calorie counter.

I have found my new saviour. They are Ryvita Cracker Bread's. I think technically you're meant to top them with like soft cheese or something, but I actually quite like them by themselves. I had one for breakfast, then two for lunch with a stick of celery. And they're only 19 cals!

Then tea was admittedly pasta (with butternut squash and courgette and a whole heap of mayo [but the lighter than light one]). I had a regular serving but I was so so stuffed afterwards! I'm hoping this means I'm actually shrinking my stomach a little bit. Fingers crossed eh?

I'm craving pizza a little, but no chocolate cravings which I've been terrible for recently!

I did an exercise dvd this morning too, Jillian Micheals one, it was so so hard! But high impact, so lots of calories burnt there I hope.

Weight was 122 which is wonderfully low for me. That was before I'd eaten anything at all though, so doubt I'll maintain that just yet though, but still its a good sign.

I might have a snack later, maybe a little cous cous or something, nothing too heavy.

This has been a terribly boring post. I do apologise. I'm in essay-writing mode, so everything I say at the moment is very much boring!

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