Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Brighter Skies Ahead

Sorry for being so fucking depressing yesterday.
Spoke to mother dearest today and am feeling considerably perkier.

Still writing these god awful essays however so my life is still majorly boring.
Although this guy I was kind of seeing/sleeping with way back around this time last year messaged me out of the blue last night. Just generally chatting but it was a bit bizarre to say the least! I knew he'd broken up with his girlfriend (she lives literally next door to me) but I didn't think that'd mean he'd start talking to me ago.
Go figure.

Anyway, food today hasn't been too terrible.
Cereal and yoghurt for brunch (281 cal - it was a little pack thing cos I've got no food in so of course it was tragically calorific, although shan't lie, I really enjoyed it. Is it weird that cereal is a real treat for me?)
4 finger Kitkat in the library (233 cal - I was staaaaaarving and it was either that or a bag of crisps!)
Sausage and veg pasta for tea (unsure, around 600? I had loaaads of pasta but it was quorn sausage, and literally no fat, oil or cheese added, so debateable. My calorie tracker says about 600)
2 Melon slices (30 cal)
1 Jammie Dodger (83 cal)

So overall 1236

Could have been worse. I didn't walk to campus today or anything, but I did lug my laptop around, plus a load of library books, and walked up to the 3rd floor like a billion times. But still, no real exercise again.

I'll get there one day.

Weighed in at 123 again. I can live with that for now.

Now I need to go make a dent in this essay I'm afraid.

Love and light thoughts

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