Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Kiwi's and calories

So I am like majorly freaking out atm.

The Kiwi wants to see me tomorrow. Like he's willing to spend £50 on a train to ticket to come spend the day with me.

I want to see him but I am like full on tubs right now. My bad weekend has caught up with me and I am back at 126 when I just weighed. Fuuuuuck. And I have like a gabillion spots. And its going to be daylight, and I'm going to look rank and he's going to massively regret spending that money.

Fuck fuck fuck.

Plus side: today has been somewhat back on track in regards to my eating.

Breakfast: 1 wholemeal bagel (spread out from 8.30 til 12) = 223 cal
Lunch: Butternut squash and feta salad = 255 cal
Tea: homemade tomato, veg and orzo soup = 234 cal
Snacks: 2 cadbury caramel eggs, small tin of sweetcorn = 450 cal

Daily total = 1,162 cal

Could have been under 1000 if not for the chocolate eggs, but even so I'm quite happy with that.
Hopefully tomorrow will be along the same lines, but I'm not convinced it will be tbh.
Lets see what happens with the Kiwi I guess.

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