Sunday, 20 January 2013

Getting Back On Track


Currently weighing in at a solid 126. Thats not too awful I guess. I'm nearly under 9 stone, which has been my aim in life for like ever.

Two of my friends have told me I've lost a lot of weight recently which makes me happy.

Nearly died when I was out last night though, some guy literally picked my up and started carrying me away across the club! Major panic, as if a guy is lifting me up in front of loads of people!! He seemed quite strong though and didn't comment on me being heavy or whatever which is good I guess.

One of my housemates got really pissy with me as well. She's a bit larger, and has been having a 'dry spell' which she decided to solve my texting this guy asking him to come over, even though we all know he's like in love with her and she's so not into it. Then she decided to yell at me for telling her off about it, because apparently I don't understand how lonely it is because I can get any guy that I want. Yeah right. Was pretty upset tbh.

But we've been fine today, so it's all good I guess.

Me and the BF have decided to go on holiday together this year for the first time, so of course major stress about bikini's! I'm hoping to be in the region of 112 by then, but more realistically likely to be aiming for 120. But then again, I do have like eight months to work on it. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Love and Light Thoughts.

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