Friday, 11 January 2013

Finally Getting Some Scales!

Been a couple of days since I posted, so thought I'd update.

Nothing to report really, except having been on puppy watch for my dads new adorable chocolate lap, Poppy. She's truly gorgeous (even if she does keep trying to chew everything in sight).

Spent the night planning my Cambodia trip. Worked out I only get 6 full days of freetime which should be fun trying to squeeze in everything I want to do! Eek.

I finally got access to a scale today (at my dads house). It's a bit dodgy though. When i first did it, it said I was only 118lbs, which I knew was too good to be true (I struggle atm to get under 126!) then I remembered my stepmum said something about it working best if you stand on it in the shower (obviously not while its on). That put me at 130. Not horrific considering all the crap I've been eating. But still massively too much. And I didn't exactly help matters today, by having a chinese and the most ridiculous amount of chocolate ever. I'm debating writing the day off and scoffing the last of my chocolate so it won't be a temptation for tomorrow. Then again I'm meant to be having another chinese with my BF. Hmm. Decisions decisions.

I'm in a much calmer mood lately than I have been, which is good.

I think I'm going to post a 'before' pic soon, to motivate me to get to the 'after'. Unsure, though. I shall debate and let you know when I've actually reached a decision.

Love and light thoughts

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