Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Fatty Fatty

Eaten so much today I think I'm going to die.

Got coerced into having a McDonalds for lunch (which I don't like anyway due to my vegetarianism) and then Mum made a whopping great shepherds pie before I could lie and say I was eating out, and gave my such a humungous plateful.

Staying at my boyfriends tonight, and I was hoping to feel all skinny and lovely, instead I'm going to look like a beached whale.


And I'm going out for tea tomorrow night with friends so I'll have to be careful what I order :/ Might research the menu before for calorific info. Eek.

Can't wait to back at uni so I can start my detox - only raw veg, green tea and water for at least a week! So excited for it!

Lots of love bloggers


  1. Researching the menu does wonders! But try and enjoy too.

    Happy new year xx

  2. Just started reading your blog, it's great :)
    I always research restaurant menus and decide what to get before I go out!
    And I start back at school next week - I agree with you, I can't wait to be back into routine and start properly restricting again after the holidays :) xx

  3. Thanks, it was pretty helpful to know beforehand!
    Happy New Year to you both :) xx