Sunday, 6 January 2013


Cannot wait to get back to uni!
Like I'll miss being at home, and getting my washing done for me and everything, but I really just want to start being in control of my diet again.

When I get back I'm detoxing for at least a week, just fresh fruit and veg, water and green tea. My friends freaked when I mentioned this (apparently its for too long or something?) so I may have to keep it a little quieter.

When I went out the other night my friends all told me that they thought I'd lost weight. I don't think I have really, but at the same time my size 8 skirt that used to be quite tight hangs loose now, so who knows. Can't wait to weigh myself when I get back to uni, no scales at home D: A whole month of eating crap and having know idea how much I've gained, its driving me crazy!

Speaking of the other night, I think I broke my big toe (falling UP the stairs of all things), and I'm almost certain the nail is going to fall off. Anything to do with nails freaks me out, so I'm totally panicking. Fingers crossed it will hold on!

I was thinking the other night, I know that like no-one reads this (or hardly anyone anyways) but it makes me feel nice to know that its out there, just in case someone did want to read it. Hmm.

I should probably go actually work on my extremely late essay now. I'll fill you in on the other night properly tomorrow or something

Love and light thoughts


  1. A week long detox sounds great - I wish I could do one but my dad would notice. I know what you mean about your friends freaking about it though, my friends freak even if I skip lunch or something! They just have no clue...

    good luck with the detox! xx

  2. Good luck with the week detox. I really want to do one too, after my New Year abroad my body is full of so much healthy food.

    And I'm reading. I'm not good at commenting recently because I have exams soon, but after this week my exams are over and I'll have time to regularly read and comment again.
    Hope you're okay. Take care.

  3. Its such a pain having parents watching your food all the time!
    Thanks for the good luck wishes, and good luck on your exams!