Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Do Scales Lie?

I know everyone says the number on the scale doesn't lie, and for the most part I agree with this.


My weight is much lower than I'm used to, and it's confusing me.
Last night I checked and was 124, then just now I was 123. I'm happy its going down, but I'm not sure whether its messing up, cos like two days ago I was 126 and had been bobbing around that number for a while, and I've been having like 1000 calories a day or something like that, not including the ridiculous amount of juice I drink. Its making me worried that it's about to shoot back up again and then I'll be sad.

I bought some new clothes though, all in a size 8 which is good, cos I'm usually a 10. One was this body top from primani which is meant to look like ribs and the skeleton. I like it, it reminds me of what I'm aiming for. (not to become a skeleton, but to cut through all the fat on top of it and leave just the barest minimum).
I am now kind of between sizes though, which is sort of irritating. I'm addicted to online shopping, and I've had to stop, cos I need to try everything on all the time now to make sure its the right size :S
Does mean theres less of a size gap between me and me super-skinny beautiful housemate (she varies from 6-10)
Much as I love her, she can be a pain in the ass to live with, literally all of our male friends refer to her as 'the fit one'. Sigh. She is gorgeous though, I guess it's not her fault.

Trying to get into vegan cooking more as well, to reduce the amount of cheese and stuff I eat, I bought a couple of vegan cookbooks, and ones really good. It's called Appetite For Reduction and its all vegan low-fat recipes, that includes calories, fat, vitamins and all that alongside the recipe so I don't need to work it out, unless I know I've had more/less than the recommended portion. The other ones not so great, The Asian Vegan Kitchen. The recipes sound good but its all so fatty! Like oil everywhere! Nightmare. May have to try and adjust them slightly!

Love and light thoughts

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