Friday, 28 June 2013

One of Those Days

6 days and counting til Cambodia.

I'm mid-pack, mid-panic.

Part of me is completely terrified and convinced I've made a mistake. The other part of me cannot wait to be on another continent.

That Guy is moving to his uni town for the rest of summer, to be with his stupid girlfriend I imagine, though he says its for work. It sucks anyway. Bothers me way more than it should, which makes me nervous. I thought I was beginning to get over him. Fuckity fuck.

Oh and I'm quitting my job after this weekends work. Shit pay, shit hours, shit job.

Feel like I need a giant pause button for the world.

I almost wish I was leaving for longer, then I might actually tell That Guy that I like him, because I could run away without having to face the aftermath.

What the hell is wrong with me. He has a girlfriend, he is happy. I need to stop being such a pathetic whiney-arse and get my shit together.


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