Friday, 14 June 2013

Homeward Bound

Today is my last day at uni this year. My papa is coming to get me tomorrow lunchtime. This time tomorrow I should (hopefully) be very very close to home.
I'm going out with my friends almost as soon as I get back. Very excited.
Its strange being in my room when all my stuff is packed up. It feels rather bare. Although a lot of stuff is staying here over summer, since we're coming back to the same house next year. 

Tonight I'm going out with my housemates for a buffet thingy. Should be nice, thought terribly fatty. I figure it's allowed with it being a goodbye meal and all. May even have a glass of wine to help it go down.

Afro came over last night. It's so strange when I'm with him.
When we're lying in bed, its so peaceful and calm. We don't usually talk too much, but last night he told me I smell nice (Thank you Victoria's Secret) and we talked until I laughed so hard I nearly cried.
Then this morning he left with nothing more than a "have a good summer" and a quick kiss. I won't see him again til October, and thats all I get?
It a weird situation. I know we're not dating or anything. But we're definitely doing SOMETHING. Neither of us have slept with anyone else since we started up again. I don't know. Maybe I'm making something out of nothing.

Love and light thoughts darlings

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