Friday, 21 June 2013

Confused Little Noggin.

It is now less than two weeks til I go to Cambodia.
I'm hoping to sweat out a lot of weight over there since it's so humid all the time. Good pre-Ibiza diet I think.

Eating has been going terribly. I'm a lump. I had a salad when my friends went to Nando's last night, but then I ate some Spicy Space Raiders when I got in :/

No idea on weight, haven't got access to scales.

I think I might be beginning to get over That Guy. I met a really cute Scottish lad out on Tuesday, and I saw him last night. We got on so well, but he's going back to Scotland today (he was only here for 2 weeks on work). I'm pretty gutted tbh. I'll probably never see him again. Probably a good thing though, I shouldn't just flick my emotions like this.
I clearly do still like That Guy though. He changed his profile picture to one of him and his girlfriend, and it hurt. But not that much. Think I've pretty much written him off as a lost cause.
Plus I have a sneaky feeling that one of the guys we're both friends with thinks I'm better off without him. Nothing concrete, but he said some weird stuff while we were drunk. Though half the time he's telling me to go for it. Hmm.

On that note, I'll leave you.
Love and light thoughts

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