Thursday, 18 April 2013


I went to see my grandma today. She's got Alzeimhiers (which I really cannot spell) and dementia. One lucky lady.
It was nice to spend some time with her, she told me all these cute little stories from back when she was young and lived in Ireland, then when she moved to England and started seeing my grandad.
I'm trying to make the most of these moments while I can, who knows how much longer it'll be before she doesn't remember them. I was thinking about writing down her stories, kind of The Notebook style, so when she's properly losing it, we'll still have my little book of stories.
I go back to uni next week, so I'll go see her once more, then I'll be 200 miles away, but I'm going to try and remember to call her, I know it means a lot to her.
Doesn't half make me scared of getting old though. Is Alzeimhiers genetic?

In other news, not much going on really. Haven't been able to weigh in a while, but my eatings not been great and I still don't fit back in my size 6 dress. Depressing much.
Working all day tomorrow so I should burn off a fair few calories there, but my mums said we're getting a chinese on saturday in honour of my sister being home for the weekend which is lovely, but just so fatty! Will have to make sure I do one of my exercise dvds to try and counteract it at least a little, since I'm going out drinking afterwards as well. Joyous.

Anyways, I probably won't be able to update tomorrow, but until next time,
Love and light thoughts

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  1. Writing down her stories in a notebook sounds like an amazing idea! I love calling up my grandad every so often, he appreciates it so much :)
    Aw that's nice that you're getting a chinese, don't bother about it too much, just do one of your exercise DVDs as you say and it'll be fine! <3