Tuesday, 28 May 2013

God Damn Cravings...

Well I was right. This weekend was an absolute disaster as far as food was concerned.
In the three days I was away I ate two and a half brownies, two scoops of ice cream, chips, pastry and three slices of white bread. Oh and a panini on sourdough bread (does that count as white? unsure...) As a result I'm craving chocolate and sugar more than ever.
That went fucking well didn't it.

I weighed this morning (seeing as its also a jab day, its my little treat) and I was at 129 still. So basically, I haven't gained, but all the good I did in the first few days last week was totally undone by the weekend. Sigh.

I guess it evens out or something. I'm just desperate to be back under 125. I feel so fat alllll the time.
And I REALLY want chocolate.
Debating have some as a treat in friday after my last exam. But then another part of me is totally adamant that I need to be really really extra good for my last 2 weeks before I weigh again, I can't see the number on the scale go up any higher, I just can't.

Yesterday my calorie intake was a little over 1000, which is acceptable. Same for so far today, but I'll probably have a snack later to push me through revision. Its kind of a pain in the arse though, I really need to do food shopping but I can't be bothered, so I'm having to eat unusual meals, which are making my calorie intake go way up. Such a pain having to be extra extra careful when all I want to do is stuff my face.

Haven't done any proper exercise in dayyyys either, but my legs are still fucking killing from a 14 hour bar shift I did on Sunday. Bloody bank holidays.

Anyway, thats the extent of my current failures, shall see how the next few days go I guess.

Love and light thoughts

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