Friday, 17 May 2013

21 Days

So how much difference can 21 days make in life?

Apparently its long enough for me to get immunised against Rabies and Hepatitas B.
I get my first dose on Monday, 10.30.

Monday will also be the start of my new 21 day eating plan.
I follow this thing on twitter, HealthyTips or something its called, and it posted this thing saying that for 21 days, eat no sweets, no white bread, no fast food, no chocolate, no cake, no pastry etc etc, and see how much difference it can make.
So from Monday it will begin (there will be a few little lapses I already know, as I'm going to London with my sister for a night and so on) but otherwise, I will stick to it.
I'm currently torn between weighing only on the days I have my jabs (so the 7th and 21st day) or not weighing until the very end. I will probably wait and see how I feel.

So, the plan is, I'm going to weigh Monday morning before my jabs (and before I eat obviously) and I will post it here, and hopefully by the time the 21 days are up (the 10th of June) I will be a lot lighter!

Fingers crossed eh?

Love and light thoughts?


  1. I've heard that you can break a habit in 21 days, maybe that's what the thing on twitter is saying? I've tried that before under the principle that if you didn't eat all that stuff for 21 days you wouldn't get as many cravings for it, I didn't manage the full time but I can see how it would work! Good luck <3 xx

  2. Yeah I think thats what the idea is!
    Hopefully it'll work :) xx