Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Days Two and Three

So yesterday I had a bit of a 'mare.
My FIVE alarms decided they didn't want to go off, and I consequently missed my (kind of important) exam. I mean, its okay, not like I want to pass uni or anything.
What a fucking disaster.

Its kind of sorted now, but in short yesterday was a bit manic. And because of that, I forgot to take my Pill, which means I've come on a week early. Which means all I want to do is shove chocolate in my face constantly. Which isn't allowed. God dammit.

Despite my housemate feeling sorry for me and offering to run down to shops to get my chocolate/cake/a Subway, I managed to say no (although I did have a mini Calippo which was 75 calories). My overall calorie intake for the day was approx 1200 which is acceptable I think. Today so far, I'm at just under 800, though I may end up snacking some more later. Don't really have much to snack on though tbh, so it'd have to be like a little salad or something, which is good I guess.

I figured these few days would be the worst craving-wise, seeing as how it's not been long enough for my body to realise it doesn't need that much sugar or whatever.

The next few days probably won't be so good though, I'm going to my friends for tea tomorrow and he's a boy and an absolute stick, so obviously he doesn't understand anything about calories or fats or sugars. I think it's going to push him enough to feed me without including meat.
Then I'll be at my sisters and, along with the rest of family, she freaks if she thinks I'm not eating a ridiculous amount.
But I shall do my best and see how it goes.

Love and light thoughts

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