Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Small Victories

Sorry for being away so long, I left my laptop at uni while I went home for the week.

While there I remembered that my sister has this grey dress that she bought when she was super super skinny. like barely ate and drank loads all the time. she was teeny tiny. I have never come close to fitting in it. A couple of days ago I decided to see how far off I was, and it fit perfectly! If anything it was a tiny bit big! Fucking amazing. Too happy about that.

I also tried on my prom dress that was altered to my exact size for my year 11 prom about four years ago. Massively too big.

And I fit into a size 6 dress. Admittedly it is tight, and I could probably have done with an 8 (it was in the sale for £5 and the only size left) but the fact remains that I physically fit into a size 6, enough to actually wear it.

Apparently even when you don't see change it is happening.

My Dad was super arsey with me all week though, he's convinced I've lost too much weight and need to put some back on. As if thats going to happen, why would I intentionally gain weight??

And anyway, I DID put weight on being at home, as per usual! I'm back at 125 which I really can't seem to get away from :/ Too many big meals that I have to eat in front of people, then between my mum, dad, stepmum, friends and ex all being on my back about not eating enough, leaving a lot of food wasn't really an option.

I think I'm going to detox/do the Dukan Diet for a while and hopefully that will get my down to around 120 (which would be my new LW).

Hope everyones okay


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