Sunday, 2 December 2012

Sunday Reflections

My boyfriend was up this weekend which was nice.

Makes life a bit more difficult though seeing as I always seem to end up eating shit when he's around :S I would normally try to not eat much before he got here, but my housemates are getting a bit tetchy about my whole calorie counting thing, meaning that they're constantly pushing food on me :/ so basically, Saturday, I ate the amount a baby elephant would. Even though I chose a low-cal meal when we went out for tea, he made me have a great dirty dessert, which (even though I only ate half) was still about a billion calories :( Then we went out to the union and I was drinking wine and Southern Comfort all night, also hugely calorific. And then when we got in everyone was eating and I was drunk and decided it was a good idea to have snacks and UGH.
Slightly redeemed myself today though. We didn't actually get up til late, so only had one meal, which I made and dished up so I could keep the calorie count down. According to my calorie counter ( I've had 451 calories today. I know for some people thats loads, but it's not bad for me. Have a horrible feeling I'm going to want to snack later though (I always do late on) but I've got some baby gem lettuce or sweetcorn I might have in mind.

Made me so happy on Saturday night though, I put on a dress I haven't worn in forever and it was loose at the back! Like not massively, but definitely a lot looser than it used to be :) Plus all the dancing while we were out can only have been beneficial.

Anyways I SERIOUSLY need to go write an essay before I totally fail uni,

So have a good evening and I'll write to you soon :)

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